March 2010

I bought a pair of those crazy walking shoes.  You know, the rip-offs of MBLs, that have big rounded soles and look like nurses shoes?   I got the Naturalizer version because they were on sale and I didn’t know if I’d like them enough to shell out major bucks.  The shoes make you walk heel to toe rather than clump along flat footed.  And with that extra propulsion of the rounded soles the  supporting muscles in your core and legs have to work extra hard to support you from falling over. 

The first time out in them I felt a little off-balance and it was hard to place my heel softly.  But over time I’ve gotten more comfortable and have started to really like them.  I walk  fast with a long stride and found that with a good tune on my ipod I get into a good pace,  literally rocking and rolling down the sidewalk on my nurses shoes. 

I also discovered that my butt can seriously hurt the next day.  I took a route that involved a lot of hills one day and with the extra work my glutes were doing anyways  thanks to the shoes, i felt like I’d done the route twice.  So when i got to the yoga mat the next day i was looking for hip stretches and discovered a couple new ones.

Lunge in three parts – I started with a High Lunge, with right foot forward and held it for a couple of breaths with my arms up.  For the second part, i twisted to the right, placing left hand on my knee and right hand on my hip.  I focused the stretched through my spine, keeping my neck relaxed.  For part three, i reached my right hand to my back thigh and stretched my left hand up to the ceiling, my gaze on my left hand.  Wow, what a funky twisty stretch.  Once I did the three-part lunge on both sides I relaxed in Pigeon for what felt like a half hour.  Yum.

Supine Hip Stretch – Lying on my back I started by pulling my right knee in toward the center of my chest, relaxing the leg as much as I could and holding for two or three breaths.  Then I dropped my right knee across my body to the left and held the calf of my bent leg with my left hand.  I focused on using my left hand to tuck my knee toward my chest and toward the floor to find a deep stretch in my hip.  Once I’d stayed for a few breaths, i then let go of the leg and just enjoyed a Supine Twist for a few breaths before going to the other side.

I was getting ready to teach Power Yoga the other day and realized that my hoodie had baby barf  or baby food on it,  something unsightly.  So I dug another hoodie out of the closet.  It was a new grey sweatshirt that I hadn’t worn much.  So I take it off at the beginning of class and about mid-way through we’re doing Cow pose with a tie and i look down and something about my arm pit catches my eye. 

My pit is full of little grey sweatshirt fuzzies.  You know how sweatshirts shed fuzzies from their underside?  Especially when they haven’t been washed much?  They were congregating in my armpit.  So my first thought was, damn, the class probably thinks i’m going Euro or hippie on them!  And I’m not! Aat least not this week.

And then I was thinking, do I try to get rid of the fuzzies?  Like actually come out of the pose and starting picking thing out of my armpits like an ape?  That seems kind of silly.  The other option is to say something and make a joke out of it for the folks who’ve noticed. 

But i’ve learned not to trot out my drama for the yoga class.  Yes, because i’m teaching i’m all too aware of the music being off or that i forgot what pose we were going to do next, or that I’m vain enough to freak out abut fuzzies in my pits.  But that fact is the folks in the class don’t want to care about that.  And I don’t want them to either.  I want them to ignore as much of life as possible while they blissfully breath and stretch.

So I let it go.  I did a “who cares” and moved on. 

It’s funny how Life constantly gives us opportunity to Let Go, or not hey?  It’s like it’s always poking us in the ribs going, let’s see, how about this?  Will this totally set you off?  Or can you let go of it?  Will this thing spin you off balance?  Or can you say “oh well!”?  What about this, will it Ruin Your Day?  Or can you find a way to laugh at it?  How often can you apply your “This Too Shall Pass” perspective to the crazy things that happen?

Because whether you’re locking your keys in the car, having a tense moment with your Significant Other or you’ve just gotten some bad news, there are always opportunities to practice keeping your balance.   Thanks Life.