I was really jealous of my Mom the other day.  I’ve been dry on the inspiration front.  Not writing in my blog.  Not feeling inspired about anything really.  No juice.  No interesting thoughts, just a head full of the usual mundane workaday stuff.

And then here’s my Mom.  She’s become an Elder at her church and was asked to come up with some material to use around Advent.

She had nothing.  She didn’t feel a huge affinity for the celebration.  She started by looking up  the meaning of the word, it means “coming” and was sure what to do next.

The next morning she wakes up at 5:00 a.m. and all the material is laid out in her head.  It stems from the definition she looked up and she has each of the 4 weeks material organized in her mind, she just needs to write it down.

I was so jealous.  I’ve had those moments of inspiration, out on a run or waking up and they’re awesome.  I think there’s a Paul Simon quote about how when the song writing muse hits it’s absolutely amazing and the rest of the time he spends waiting for it to happen again.  So right.

And here’s me, dry as dust.

So since my conversation with Mom I’ve been working more on trying to nuture it.  Sometimes jealousy is a useful way to understand what you want.  So when my inner cranky judge says sarcastically, “wow now *that’s* really life changing”, I’ve worked on ignoring it and writing down my scraggy little thoughts anyways.

I’ve been making sure i get in my meditation time and trying to spend thinking-energy on things beyond the mundane, whether it’s listening to a podcast or watching a good movie, or reading a thought provoking book.

And it also means looking for inspiration wherever you can get it.

Yesterday I was wondering what to teach in my yoga class.  I was on the way home with Leo who’s three and i said, “Leo what should i teach in yoga tonight?”.  He said, “fire”.

And even though there was a voice in my head going, “you gotta be kidding, you’re going to look for advice from a three year old who’s not even a certified yoga instructor?”.  I thought about it anyways.

I couldn’t think of any poses off the top of my head related to fire.  But then i thought about the poses that help build fire in the belly, in the second chakra.  And i thought about how in the winter time we just want to hibernate and eat heavy rich food (tis the season!).

And i thought about how good it is to do these fire generating poses to not only build some energy when you need it, but also help your digestive system do its work.

So I told my class all about that last night and i said, “this class brought to you by Leo the three year old”.  And we did the building fire poses and threw in some kundalini stuff as well and had a great relaxation at the end of the class and it was all good.   It was a great reminder to look for inspiration from the grand lofty sources, and the little ones too.