Our bodies hold a lot of intelligence.  I did a 10k run on Sunday and it was hotter than any heat i’ve been running in so far this year.  Also, the course was more hilly than i expected. At one point toward the end I was running a hill and then suddenly I was walking.

Cor’s first rule of racing is that you run, you don’t walk.  But after my initial freak out about walking, I heard my breath.  I was panting like a dog stuck in a hot car with the windows closed. Walking was the best thing I could be doing.

I walked a few more times before the end of the race.  I made peace with it because i figured I was better off taking more time than suffer a heat stroke.

I often tell the folks in my yoga classes to check in on their breathing.  Are they holding their breath?  Start breathing again.  Is their breath uneven or labored?  Then they’re doing too much, working too hard, it’s time to back off just a bit and notice if they’re breathing evens out.  If not, back off more.

In yoga we learn how to tune in to our internal world.  That’s the kind of body awareness that helps us tune into our intuition, our gut feelings.  So often we forget how to listen to that intelligence.  We hear about a new job and our gut goes, “i don’t think so”, and then our head jumps in with, “hells yeah! it’s more money!  mom will be so proud!”.  The loudest voice wins.

Before you know it you’re in the job and it’s lousy and all the money and Mom pride in the world won’t make you feel any more sane.

Sometimes following your gut can make you feel like a nutty woo-woo chick in our world that loves rationality and pro/con lists.  I broke up with a nice guy once.  We’d been together for a while and it didn’t feel right.  He just wasn’t right for me.

But i couldn’t put it into words, especially ones that would make sense to my friends.  I remember one said, “but he’s such a nice GUY!!”. I just couldn’t explain it, other than, he wasn’t the right nice guy for me.

It’s funny because sometimes i see him, our kids take lessons at the pool and we’ve talked a couple times.  He’s still a nice guy and would have been the wrong fit for me in the long run.

Sometimes our gut knows before our head does.