I read an interview with Jonathan Levine, who’s I dunno what age, but let’s say *young* and he just wrote and directed his first movie, The Wackness.  And it did well at Sundance and is about to see a theatre release.  And did I mention Ben Kingsley is in it?

Anyhoo, Levine said that he goes to Rotten Tomatoes and only reads the negative reviews.  That kills me.  How dumb, but really, how universal is that?  Why do we focus on that cup’s half-emptiness?  That’s like something I would do, although thankfully I haven’t been saddled with the baggage that comes with developing a successful movie.  Whew, dodging a bullet there.

It reminds me of a quote from the Q and A section of I Am That by Nisargadatta:

Q: I seem to have a clear idea of what needs be done, but I find myself
getting tired and depressed and seeking human company and thus wasting time that should be given to solitude and meditation.
M: Do what you feel like doing. Don’t bully yourself. Violence will make you hard and rigid. Do not fight with what you take to be obstacles on your way. Just be interested in them, watch them, observe, enquire. Let anything happen — good or bad.  But don’t let yourself be submerged by what happens.