I got a decent night’s sleep last night and can’t believe how amazing I feel.  I get things done.  I sing to my baby.  I laugh at stuff.  And the scary/crazy thing is, I realize how much I’m a better parent with  a decent sleep under my belt.  Things roll off my back.  I’m able to take a long view.  With no sleep I’m thinking, OMG how long is Leo going to do this annoying thing?!  This sucks!  This will kill me!  Like say, his recent routine of sleeping during the day for 45 minutes at a time, and sleeping at night for two hours or less at a time. 

And I go to some parenting website to look up sleep for his age and it inevitably crows – “Your baby should now be sleeping through the night!  Or at least he *could* be.”  The subtext of which is, “and if he isn’t it’s because you seriously suck as a parent.  The experts agree, you’re doing it WRONG”.

And with sleep I say, hey whatever.  This won’t last forever.  It’s guaranteed he won’t be doing this as a teenager.  Yes, this too shall pass.  That’s called the mantra of parenting.  The fact is, kids do crazy things all the time, but they switch it up regularly to keep you guessing.  And I should know, because I’ve been through this before, but I forget.  All the time.  Especially when I haven’t had enough sleep.