Honeybunny is an incredibly loyal Edmonton Oilers hockey team fan.  He started back in the 90′ s when they had Gretsky and has followed them ever since.  Living in Halifax, a city too small for a team means that hockey fans can follow any team.  But most people follow the teams close by, in the East.  Honeybunny stays up many late nights all winter long following a team that’s in a time zone 3 hours behind us.

This season we watched “Oil Change”, a show about the team and even though I don’t watch the hockey, i like shows about hockey.  I find the players and the business and the expansion story fascinating even though I hardly remember any of the people’s names.

In the last episode we watched Taylor Fedun shatter his femur, his thigh bone, when his knee went into the boards.  The crazy thing about these elite players is that they take injuries in their stride.

Hockey is a pretty dangerous sport and I’ve seen the ugly face injuries, the jaw wiring, the nasty kind of owies that would throw me for a loop.  But seeing Taylor in the wheelchair after hours of surgery, and not knowing how the story played out, i really wondered if he’d make it back to the game.

They showed the long process of his rehab and talked to his physical therapist.  The therapist said, even when Taylor was improving, *every* workout was painful.  But he just saw the pain as sensation to be managed like anything else.

I would see the pain as a sign that i shouldn’t be doing the exercise – this obviously isn’t making my body happy.  But it just goes to show you, you can reframe anything in your mind.  And be up for dealing with anything.

It reminds me that it’s not the circumstances in life that make us happy.  The fact is, life happens.  Stuff happens.  That’s Life’s job.

Our job is to deal.  Find the best ways to look at it.  Make up the most innovative healing stories to tell ourselves about it.