Heard Today

I got my son a 6 inch long plastic lizard.  Supposedly if you soak it in water long enough it will grow to four feet.  The other night i was in the bath and Angus suggested that he put the lizard into my bath water when i was finished so that he could super-size him.  The conversation went like this:

Me: so he’ll grow big hey?

Angus: yeah as big as yer butt!

Me: ha!

Angus: no, Mom <chuckle> not *that* big

He’s lucky i love him :-)

I had a stash of money on the counter and Angus (age 7) asked for some.  So i gave him a toonie (a two dollar coin).  He started to walk out of the room.

I said: hey, what do you say when someone gives you money?

He said: Yaye!

I was looking for “thank you” but i think he’s right.  Anytime someone gives you money you should say “yaye”.

I’m so jealous of my folks, and happy for them.  They’re doing one of those 3 month, get-in-the-camper-and-go trips that only retired folks can do.  Or i guess the independantly wealthy but i’m even less familiar with that lifestyle. 

First they’re going to head down the west coast of the States looking for sun and warmth.  Here’s what my Dad said:

Dad: and then when we’re in Southern California I want to go to Disneyland, Knott’s Berry Farm, Seaworld and all those places.  Just to see them. That’ll be so fun.

I’m thinking – wow, when i grow up i want to be half as fun as my 70-something Dad …..

Angus, who’s six, turned to me and said this:

Angus:  Mom, the teacher brought a rainbow fish into class

Me: Wow a fish, what was it like?

Angus: It was gooey and it looked like this (he makes his eyes wide and his mouth into a little “o”)

Me: You look just like a fish – where did it come from?

Angus: The ocean Mom.  All fish come from the ocean, you should know that.

A rough looking dude panhandling on Spring Garden Road this morning said this:

“Merry Christmas.

God loves me even if you don’t!

Weird eh?”